Week 1: 30 Days Kaolin Clay Overnight Face Mask Challenge

Get rid of acne in 30 days

Hello beauty queens,

I hope you’re all fine by God’s grace. Here I am to give you the updates of the first week of the 30 Days Kaolin clay challenge.

I used Kaolin clay powder and water to make a paste which I applied to my face every night before going to bed and I rinsed it with water in the morning when I woke up.

Kaolin Clay is documented to have extremely good properties against acne and excessive shine. I observed all that on my skin.

1. Effect on my Pores

First of all, my pores were really enlarged and full of sebum before I started using the mask.

After the first application, I started noticing changes. These changes became even more visible as days went by. My pores shrunk, the sebum was being adsorbed by and eliminated by the mask.

My skin became really like baby skin and I didn’t even really see the need of applying foundation because my pores were like really shrunken.

2. Effect on Oiliness

I’ve usually had quite oily skin on my nose and chin. The rest of my facial skin is quite dry.

Applying Kaolin clay to my skin every night really worked in controlling Oiliness and shine. Now, I can spend a whole day without having my nose shine excessively as if I was just from applying cooking oil to it. The change is really great and I love it, thank God.

3. Effect on Pimples

When I was starting with the 30 days Kaolin clay challenge, I had pimples. That was the main reason why I was starting.

After the very first application, I noticed a decrease in inflammation, and thus a decrease in the volume of my pimples.

Kaolin clay dries out pimples, so day after day, it dried them all, and after a week my skin was clear.

4. Effect On Acne Scars

Since the Kaolin clay dried out the outermost layer of my skin, the dead cells exfoliated (shed away).

I noticed a slight improvement with most of the acne scars, but I decided to take it further.

Taking It Further

In order to speed up the process of getting rid of acne scars, I have decided to mix Kaolin clay with apple cider vinegar and water. Apple cider vinegar also has great antibacterial properties, it is used to kill acne-causing bacteria, it exfoliates skin and it’s used as toner to get rid of black spots due to acne scars.

For the second week of the challenge, I’ll mix Kaolin clay powder with apple cider vinegar.

Please stay tuned to find out more about how it goes.


We all want to get clear skin, to get rid of acne and acne scars, to have our pores shrink and to have a baby face even without makeup. It’s possible to get these results naturally with the Kaolin clay challenge.

God bless you all ladies