Crazy Challenge: 30 Days Kaolin Clay Overnight Face Mask With Weekly Updates

Hello there, I hope you’re doing great by God’s grace. My name is Victoria Eyog and I am a Christian Beauty blogger.

A few years ago I suffered from seasonal acne and it left lots of scars on my face. That’s how I started being interested in skin care and acne tips. I searched the internet and came across lots of tips . Thank God, I was able to get rid of those scars. Nevertheless, my passion for skin care remained.

One of the skin care ingredients which was really a game changer for me and which I’ve gotten to love the most is kaolin clay because of its numerous properties. It helps to control oiliness, it is a natural exfoliator and detoxifier, it can soothe rashes and irritation, it tones skin, it can even be used as a natural shampoo.

Today I’m starting this challenge because I’ve already seen the positive effects of kaolin clay on my skin, but now I want to see the extent to which it can improve my skin in 30 days.

What I expect from this challenge is a better complexion, smaller refined pores, less pimples, and less acne scars.

I have a few scars which I would like to get rid of (because I have this bad habit of using my nails on my pimples whenever they appear, which created wounds and then scars). Also, my skin is quite shiny and you may not see it but my T-zone, especially at the level of my nose is quite oily and I have a few pimples, though they’re quite small. They’re more visible when you’re close. I want to get rid of all these.

You know, the face is the first thing people notice when they look at you, and I guess that you too, you want to improve the condition of your skin (not just to hide imperfections under makeup). You definitely want to have healthy skin.

So please follow me as I’m doing this challenge and don’t just watch me do it, let’s do it together and invite your friends too.

This is what the challenge will look like:

– Mix kaolin clay with water so as to create a paste

-Apply this kaolin paste on your face as with any regular face mask

-Go to bed with that mask on your face

-Wash the mask off your face in the morning when you wake up with water at room temperature

-Take pictures as days go by to see how the condition of your skin improves.

If you’re worried about going to bed with Kaolin paste on your face, don’t please. I have already done that, and seriously, the skin looks matte in the morning. Kaolin clay is soft and suitable for sensitive skin, it will not dry your skin out.

Please if you’re joining me for this challenge, share your pictures with me everyday on Instagram by tagging me @graciousbeautyofficial and use the hashtag #kaolinchallenge

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I count on you to encourage me during this challenge and to start the challenge and take it to the end to improve the condition of your skin.

God bless you all

Victoria Eyog (Gracious Beauty Blogger)